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10 Safety Tips for Your Next Safari Park Visit 

Buck Wandering a Safari Park

Taking a trip to a safari park in Texas is an adventure that brings a unique spin to experiencing exotic animals outside of a zoo or aquarium.

While safari parks give visitors an up-close view of animals in their natural habitat, they are still parks where wild beasts roam free and can be potentially dangerous places if proper precautions aren’t taken. 

At Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park, we believe that having a blast where the wild things are involves following some essential safety tips.

Let’s get into 10 safety practices you should follow on your next visit to our unique park.

1. Stay Inside Your Vehicle

Regarding safety while cruising our Evant safari park, staying in your vehicle is the most important rule to follow for a successful excursion. 

Even though we don’t have common safari animals like lions, the wild animals of the Southwest we do boast are still unpredictable and could pose a physical threat.

Under no circumstances should you ever exit your vehicle unless explicitly told to do so by a staff member. Stepping out of your vehicle for a better look or photo opportunity invites danger. 

Stay buckled up inside at all times.

2. Keep Doors and Windows Closed 

Much like staying inside the vehicle, keep any doors and windows tightly shut. Some excited visitors roll down their windows for a better view, but this can result in an animal sticking its head through the open window. 

No one wants to ride home with a stray Emu or Blackbuck. Our suggestion is to clean off your windows and windshields beforehand and only open windows and doors if explicitly permitted by staff members.

3. Leave Space Between Vehicles

Our safari park has over 250 animals on site to enjoy. So even if our RV park is full and everyone is hitting the safari route, there’s no need to crowd other vehicles. There’s plenty of wildlife to go around. 

Traffic jams jockeying for the best view can ruin the whole experience for other guests. Keep at least a couple of cars in length of distance and avoid packing in tightly, allowing plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the safari ride.

4. Turn Off Flash Photography

The startling pop of a camera flash can spook animals and even provoke aggressive reactions. Always keep camera flashes turned off to avoid startling the wildlife. Pictures are always fun to take, but remember to put the comfort of our furry friends first.

5. Keep Food and Scented Items Secured

The strong smell of foods, perfumes, or scented sunscreens can draw curious animals nearer to your vehicle. Keep food and scented items tightly sealed and out of sight to avoid interest from animals with sensitive noses.

6. Follow Staff Instructions 

Park staff are there to keep both visitors and animals safe. Always closely follow any instructions staff and rangers give, such as when it’s safe to exit your vehicle for a guided walking tour or at certain lookout points.

7. Supervise Children

Kids can easily get excited and slip away from watchful parents in a safari park. Always supervise children closely and have a plan in case someone wanders off. Teach kids proper behavior so they stay calm and quiet.

If you have little ones that absolutely need to let some energy out, we offer a spacious game and play area, as well as a petting zoo that lets your kiddos get up close and personal with some of our favorite farm animals.

8. Wear Seatbelts

Bumpy dirt tracks mean seatbelts are a must for safari goers. Buckle up to avoid bumps and spills.

9. Look for Warning Signs 

Safari parks have warning signs for good reason. Don’t disregard signs that warn visitors to stay back from certain enclosures or areas. They exist for your own safety. After all, we only want you to have the best experience possible and return to say hello with more friends!

10. Don’t Get Out to Change a Flat

Flat tires are unpredictable. They can happen anywhere, even on the safari road. Getting a flat tire in a safari park poses an extra risk with wild animals around. Never exit the vehicle to change a tire yourself. Notify staff via radio or other means and wait for trained help to arrive safely.

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Visiting a safari park is meant to be an amazing chance to get close to exotic animals. Following these important safety measures will help ensure your visit goes smoothly. 

At Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park, we help you follow the rules of the wild road and can ensure your stay at our safari grounds is one you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Ready to get wild with the whole family? Contact us today to learn more about booking tickets, RV space or one of our comfy cabins.

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