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Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park

Located In Evant, Texas

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We will be closed through Thursday, Feb 2, 2023 due to icy conditions. We expect to reopen Friday, Feb 3, 2023

Ensuring the Well-Being of Our African and Exotic Wildlife

Zebras at the Texas Wildlife Park in Buena Vista

Welcome to Buena Vista Wildlife Safari and RV Park, where the African savannah meets the heart of East Texas. Our Evant, Texas, safari park mission transcends beyond just showcasing exotic wildlife: it’s also about creating a harmonious environment that closely mirrors their native habitats. 

In this journey of care and commitment, we tackle the unique challenges of housing African and exotic wildlife and employ innovative solutions to ensure their well-being. Let’s explore how we replicate home for our animal residents, focusing on diet, habitat design and care.

Crafting the African Environment in East Texas

Designing a habitat that resembles the African and Texas plains is our first step in ensuring our animals feel at home. We understand that every species has unique environmental needs. 

For instance, our zebras and wildebeests thrive in open grasslands, which allow them to roam freely, mimicking the vastness of the Serengeti. For our more reclusive animals like the African Oryx, we’ve created spaces with shrubs and trees, providing them with the seclusion and shade they find in the wild. 

Each habitat results from meticulous planning, ensuring that the topography, vegetation, and soil composition align with their natural ecosystems.

A Diet Tailored to Each Species

A significant aspect of our care involves providing a diet that mirrors what each animal would eat in the wild. This task requires extensive research and collaboration with wildlife nutritionists. 

We also incorporate supplements and vitamins to ensure each animal receives a balanced diet, catering to their individual health needs.

Veterinary Care

Our team plays a crucial role in the health and well-being of our animals. We conduct regular health check-ups, vaccinations, and any necessary treatments. 

We regularly monitor the health of our animals discreetly, ensuring minimal disruption to their daily lives. 

Our team includes specialists in exotic wildlife, ensuring each species receives care tailored to its specific needs.

Overcoming Challenges with Innovative Solutions

Adapting to the varied needs of African wildlife in East Texas has its set of challenges, but our dedication to their well-being drives us to find innovative solutions. We also continually update our knowledge and practices by collaborating with international wildlife experts and participating in global conservation efforts.

A Commitment to Excellence in Wildlife Care

At Buena Vista Wildlife Safari and RV Park, we go beyond merely housing these majestic creatures; we create a home for them. Our efforts in habitat design, diet customization, and veterinary care are all part of our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare. 

We invite you to witness this journey of care, where every detail is thoughtfully crafted to provide our African wildlife with a slice of their native home right here in East Texas. Contact us today for a safari or a longer stay!

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