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Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park

Located In Evant, Texas

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Planning Your First Trip to a Drive-Thru Safari Park 

Person Taking Photos on a Drive Through Safari

A drive-thru safari park is a unique and exciting way to see wild animals up close from the comfort and safety of your own car. At our safari park in Evant, Texas, our guests can observe exotic animals in a natural setting as they wind through our 250-acre park.

We always guarantee an unforgettable experience. However, some advance preparation is required to make the most of your very first drive-thru safari adventure. 

Let’s dive into some helpful tips and things to consider when planning your first trip to Buena Vista Wildlife & Safari RV Park.

Know When to Go

There really isn’t a bad time to enjoy the sights and sounds at our safari park. We are open every day outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas. All of our animals roam free! There are no cages on our safari tour and the chances are high you’ll get to see your favorite critter up close and personal.

We are open rain or shine. We only ask that you understand that some of our animals may try to seek natural shelter during excessive downpours. 

You can always reach out to us to gain information about park hours during a specific time of the year.

Be Prepared to Capture the Full Experience

At our wildlife safari park, we believe in giving our guests the best experience possible that they’ll remember for a lifetime. While memories can fade, photos last forever. 

So, we say come prepared to make some memories! Pack binoculars and zoom lens cameras to spot animals from afar.

Also, we always recommend charging your phones or devices to ensure you can catch the perfect shot when the time comes.

Filling up on windshield wiper fluid is also a must! It can get dusty on the open road, and you don’t want anything clouding your visual experience.

Finally, we ask that you bring your patience, excitement, and readiness. A self-guided safari is an unscripted adventure that depends on the animal’s activeness at any time of the day.

Get Your Kids Prepared for Fun in Evant

Located a couple of hours from most major cities in Texas, our safari and RV park in Evant is the perfect place to get away and unplug with the whole family.

If you have younger children in your party, we suggest reviewing the animals they may see on the journey, downloading our Junior Explorers games, and getting them hyped up for our petting zoo and play areas outside the main safari experience.

Exploring a wildlife safari park from the comfort of your own vehicle is an adventure children of all ages will enjoy. Whether you come up for the day or stay a weekend at our RV park or Bunkhouse, we know you’ll be making memories with your kids that last a lifetime.

Review Our Safety Tips

We have rules in place to protect both animals and guests. Be sure to always pay attention to speed limits, directional signs, and staff instructions. Keep windows rolled up enough to keep arms and belongings inside the car. 

If you have a sunroof or convertible top, keep it closed. Avoid loud noises or honking so as not to disturb the wildlife. 

We do offer feed for some of our animals. So, please adhere to guidelines for how and when you can feed animals at designated stations. 

Following our park safety policies ensures everyone in your party can have a great time taking in the wildlife and giving the guests around them an equally great experience.

Plan Your Next Adventure with Buena Vista Wildlife Safari Today!

Visiting our drive-thru safari park is a one-of-a-kind way to get an up-close look at exotic animals in action. With some strategic planning and preparation, you’ll have an amazing experience seeing wildlife from your vehicle. 

At Buena Vista Wildlife Safari and RV Park, we offer fun for all ages. We invite you and your family to visit our safari adventure in Evant and stay a while at our exclusive cabins or RV sites.

If you’re ready to take a breather from life in the big city and enjoy quality time with your family and friends, we’re ready to have you over!

Contact us today to learn more about our safari park or make your reservation today!

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