Due to weather related issues. The wildlife park is temporarily closed.

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Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park

Located In Evant, Texas

Weather Alert

We will be closed through Thursday, Feb 2, 2023 due to icy conditions. We expect to reopen Friday, Feb 3, 2023

The Do’s and Don’ts of RV Parks

Group of Campers in an RV Park

RV parks offer a unique blend of community and outdoor adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or a first-timer, understanding the unspoken rules of RV park etiquette will provide a smooth and enjoyable stay for you and your neighbors. Let’s get into the essential dos and don’ts of RV living!

Before and After You Arrive

Before you arrive at our RV park, secure your spot by booking in advance, especially during peak seasons like summer when we tend to fill up quickly.

Double-check the arrival and departure times listed on your booking, and plan your travels accordingly to ensure you arrive within the specified timeframe. If any unforeseen delays occur, communicate promptly with our park staff to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Once you have finished your stay at Buena Vista, please adhere to the designated departure time listed on your booking. Departing later than the scheduled check-out time can dig into our site cleaning schedule and preparation between guests.

Arriving and departing on schedule shows respect for overall operations and ensures a smooth transition for future visitors.

Campsite Rules

While we live on the wild side most of the time, camping at Buena Vista does come with some essential rules that help keep our guests comfortable and happy!

At Buena Vista, we love our furry friends and welcome you to bring your pets to the RV Park. However, for the safety of other campers and your pets, please don’t let your pets roam unattended. 

Even friendly pets should be leashed and under your supervision. After all, you are just a short walk away from the wild side of Texas. 

Please respect our quiet hours. Loud music and excessive use of generators increase noise levels. Asking about our quiet hours and monitoring your noise levels ensures a harmonious stay for everyone around your RV.

Do keep a tidy campsite. A clean area is a pleasant area! Pick up any trash, food scraps, or gear left outside to maintain a welcoming space.

Finally, don’t leave campfires unattended. We allow the use of fire pits and grills on site and have critical fire safety guidelines in place. If you leave your site, please extinguish fires completely before leaving.

Essential RV Etiquette Tips for Your Stay

Waste Management

Dump with care. Only use designated dump stations for wastewater. Follow the instructions provided and leave the area tidy for the next camper.

Sort it out: Ask about our rules for trash and recycling. Dispose of everything properly to keep the campground clean for the next visitors.

Park Amenities

Share and share alike. Be mindful of others when using playgrounds, the fishin’ hole, or other common areas like our petting zoo. Remember, everyone here is here for a great time. Sharing is caring and leaving shared spaces clean for the next user helps us keep up our site’s positivity.

Let’s all do our part! A little consideration goes a long way in the RV community. By following these simple tips, you’re helping to ensure everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park | Your Second Home Under the Stars

RV parks are wonderful communities where travelers share their love for the outdoors. By following these simple guidelines and being courteous to others, you’ll enhance your experience and create a positive environment for everyone. Remember, the golden rule of RV etiquette is to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Ready for an unforgettable RV adventure? Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park offers the perfect blend of outdoor excitement and comfortable amenities. Book your stay today and immerse yourself in the beauty of the wild! 

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