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Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park

Located In Evant, Texas

Weather Alert

We will be closed through Thursday, Feb 2, 2023 due to icy conditions. We expect to reopen Friday, Feb 3, 2023

Safari Drive-Thru Adventure

Toddler Enjoying a Petting Zoo

Creating the perfect core memories is every parent’s dream for their children. A drive-thru safari park is the perfect family outing for making lifelong memories with your little ones. 

Cruising through the wild animal habitats provides toddlers with an up-close view of exotic creatures, stimulating their curiosity and sense of wonder about the natural world. 

Located down the road from the beautiful Evant, Texas, the drive-thru safari at Buena Vista allows for quality bonding time together and offers a trove of learning opportunities for preschool-aged children in a fun, hands-on setting.

Educational Experiences for Little Ones 

A drive-thru safari delivers a multitude of educational benefits for toddlers and preschoolers. According to child development experts, kids begin forming concepts about animals and nature as early as 12-18 months old

Scheduling a local safari at this pivotal time in their lives gives children a chance to start recognizing different types of wildlife first-hand. Hearing animal sounds, observing their behaviors, and simply being exposed to biodiversity promotes cognitive growth and language development.

Safaris also provide context for learning alphabet letters, colors, counting, and more. You can turn it into a game by asking your toddler to count the zebras or find animals that start with “D” like deer. 

Get creative and make the experience interactive. Pack a set of animal puppets or figurines to match up with the live creatures you’ll meet on your drive. Your child will love the safari even more if their stuffed piggy gets to come along for the adventure and meet our famed pot-bellied pigs. 

Quality Family Time Together

In today’s hectic world, a drive-thru safari offers families precious time together. You have a captive toddler audience for 2-3 hours without TV, tablets, or other electronic distractions. 

Take advantage of our 250 acres to chat, sing songs and play simple road trip games like I Spy. 

Research suggests family rituals build resilience in children by fostering a sense of comfort and belonging. Starting an annual safari trip together gives your family shared memories to bond over year after year. Capture your toddler’s curiosity when seeing their first zebra or wildebeest on camera. They will treasure those safari photos someday.

Memorable Animal Encounters

One huge perk of safari parks is the chance for close animal encounters not possible elsewhere. You get to safely drive within feet of majestic creatures. 

Our park even offers a family-friendly petting zoo where your children can get their loving hands on our animals. This face-to-face interaction with wildlife leaves a lasting impression on little ones.

We love animals and believe visiting zoos and aquariums at a young age cultivates caring attitudes and interest in animals. A drive-thru safari adventure could spark your toddler’s empathy and concern for local and international wildlife.

Beyond the Safari Drive

Modern safari parks understand how antsy little riders can get. That’s why facilities like ours offer extra attractions for families beyond the drive-thru route. 

Fishing holes stocked with catch and return fish give parents and children a chance to bond while casting lines. Petting zoos allow hands-on interaction with tame, kid-friendly animals like sheep, goats, and miniature donkeys. 

Our RV park even offers some playground areas where your young ones can let loose and go wild while not on the safari trail.

If you really want to provide your young ones with the ultimate safari experience, take a look at our Kid’s Zone for exploration activities that excite and entice the mind.

Buena Vista Offers An Unforgettable Adventure for All Ages

A drive-thru safari with your toddler and family is a day packed with fun, learning and togetherness. Your child’s eyes will widen with wonder seeing beautiful, unbridled wildlife up close. It’s an adventure they will talk about for weeks after. 

When you visit Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park, you’ll return home with precious family memories and new favorite animal photos. When it comes time to plan your next safari trip, your toddler will be the first one ready to go.

Make 2024 the year your family embarks on a drive-thru safari adventure. Start a new tradition of lifelong learning about wildlife while strengthening your family bonds. It’s an experience every parent needs to have with their little explorer. 

Tickets for Buena Vista Wildlife Safari are available year-round. Contact us to schedule your next excursion


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