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Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park

Located In Evant, Texas

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Where to See Bison in Texas


If you’re fascinated by the mighty American bison, Texas offers some prime opportunities to witness these magnificent creatures. Imagine the thrill of seeing a herd of bison roaming freely across the landscape — a majestic symbol of our natural heritage. 

Let’s explore the best place to see bison across Texas, as we learn more about bison behavior and their history — and all the many unique experiences offered here at Buena Vista Wildlife Safari.

The American Bison – Icon of the Wild West

American bison, often simply called buffalo, are the largest land mammals in North America. These imposing animals can reach up to 6 feet tall and weigh over 2,000 pounds. With their shaggy brown (or white!) coats, massive heads and distinctive humps, bison leave an unforgettable impression. 

These creatures once roamed the Great Plains in vast numbers, but excessive hunting nearly drove them to extinction in the late 1800s. Fortunately, thanks to conservation efforts, bison populations have rebounded.

Buena Vista Wildlife Safari

Our drive-thru safari park is situated west of Waco and about halfway between Austin and Arlington, outside a Texas town called Evant. We provide a unique and thrilling opportunity to experience bison in a natural setting, offering the ultimate “where to see white bison” experience.

Why Buena Vista is the Best Place to See Bison

Buena Vista Wildlife Safari stands out as a premier destination for bison encounters, among others. Here’s why:

Natural Setting

Immerse yourself in a realistic environment as the bison roam freely across acres of carefully maintained landscape. This contrasts with viewing platforms or enclosures, giving you a true sense of the bison’s natural habitat.

Up-Close Experience

The drive-thru format allows you to observe bison at your own pace and from the comfort of your vehicle. You might witness bison grazing peacefully, engaging in playful interactions, or even witness a dramatic dust-up between powerful bulls.

Diverse Wildlife

While bison are the stars, Buena Vista offers the opportunity to observe a wide array of other fascinating animals, making your safari adventure even more rewarding.

Spotlight on the White Bison

Buena Vista Wildlife Safari is home to the rare and captivating sight of our beautiful white bison. These unique beasts hold cultural and spiritual significance for some Native American tribes. Follow this link to learn where to see white bison and lots more by following the link to our spotlight on these majestic creatures.

What to Expect at Buena Vista Wildlife Safari

Embark on your safari adventure, driving slowly as you make your way through the park’s winding roads. Keep an eye out for bison herds, often found grazing peacefully or crossing the pathways.

At Buena Vista we also offer convenient amenities like our RV park, several cabins, picnic areas, and more — perfect for extending your wildlife adventure into a multi-day vacation getaway. 

As we put it in our story: “We have designed our facility to allow our animals to live in the most authentic, cage-free environment possible, with high-quality but non-intrusive care and interactions. We strive to give every person who enters our gates a natural wildlife experience, encouraging them to expand their minds and restore their souls through nature.”

Our Natural Environment and Wildlife Management

Buena Vista Wildlife Safari prides itself on providing a safe and natural environment for its animals. The park prioritizes the bison’s wellbeing, allowing them to live free from unnecessary interference. 

But don’t just take our word for it — check out the testimonials on the Buena Vista website or our Google Reviews to hear directly from visitors who have been awestruck by their bison encounters.

Team Members’ Favorite Animal – The Bison

Buena Vista’s staff members are passionate about conservation. Their love for the bison shines through — ask them about interesting facts, bison behavior, or their favorite bison-related stories during your visit.

Plan Your Visit

You can buy Safari tickets and do all your paperwork online!

A regular Day Pass (good for all-day, unlimited trips through the Safari) is $17 for adults and includes animal feed. Child (3-12) Day Passes are $14 each and includes feed. Kids under 2 get in free, while seniors and active or veteran military recieve a 10% discount.

Any guest of the cabins or the RV Park is also eligible for the Weekender Package, which entitles you to a second day of safari excitement for free, while those guests staying 5-7 days are entitled to purchase the $40 Stay and Safari Package, which gets you unlimited safari trips throughout your visit. We also offer yearly passes and gift certificates!

Buena Vista Safari and RV Park | Come Experience the Magic

There are many beautiful creatures and scenes to discover at Buena Vista. Make your appointment today and come learn more about the bison and the rest of our safari!

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