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Why Winter is the Best Time to Visit a Wildlife Park

Deer in the Snow During a Winter Safari

While summer provides ideal weather for outdoor activities in Texas, the winter months have their own appeal. At Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park, we believe winter is actually the best time to observe our animals and enjoy the safari experience. 

Cooler temperatures bring comfortable conditions that make visiting our Evant safari a must-see during winter.

Here’s a closer look at why you should come to Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park outside of the average summer rush.

Cooler Temperatures Get Animals Moving

Cooler temperatures bring more comfort to our visitors and give our animals a little more natural pep in their step. 

As temperatures drop in Texas during the winter months, the animals at our safari shake off the summer swelter and become more active. 

The time between hot summers and the heart of winter is perfect for driving through our park with your vehicle to catch exotic and local animals living their best life in their natural habitats.

Many animals will lounge around during the hot summer months, trying to stay cool and conserve energy. But as soon as that winter chill hits the air, wildlife perks up. With temperatures topping out in the 50s and 60s Fahrenheit on most early winter days, animals are no longer desperate for shade and spending long hours inactive.

For example, the cooler months make it easier to see large grazers like bison, elk, and deer wandering our grassland, foraging for food.

In the heat, this would be a rarity. But since the weather is substantially cooler, this picture-perfect moment is one you can capture as a core memory of your stay at our RV park.

Comfortable Conditions For Visitors

Bundling up in coats, gloves, and hats makes viewing active wildlife from the comfort of a car much more pleasurable during brisk winter weather. Rolling down the windows to get wildlife photos or better sightlines is not nearly as unpleasant when temperatures are 50 degrees Fahrenheit versus 100.

Winter conditions are also more favorable for using binoculars and telephoto lenses without the interference of heat waves rising off the ground. The crisp air makes for clearer views, allowing visitors to better spot and follow specific animals as they travel across the landscape.

Fascinating Winter Adaptations

The seasonal shifts of winter prompt intriguing adaptations in the safari’s wildlife. Taking a drive through our safari park this winter puts you front and center as a witness to how animals naturally survive and thrive as the seasons change.

From watching mammals grow thick winter fur coats to seeing birds take on white plumage to camouflage themselves against a snowy landscape, there’s a lot to learn about the animals you see on your journey.

We know that when you witness nature in progress, you’ll appreciate the resilience that comes with the beauty of our wildlife.

Schedule your winter safari today to see Mother Nature at her strongest.

Stunning Seasonal Scenery 

Yes, you visit us for the animals. However, aside from boosted wildlife activity, winter also unveils beautiful seasonal scenery across our safari’s rolling pastures and forests. 

Depending on the time you visit, you may be privy to ice-lined creeks, snow-covered meadows, or frosty leaves dangling from the trees. 

Winter creates the ultimate picturesque backdrop that completes the natural beauty we offer at our Texas safari park.

As winter rolls on, the scenery seems to change daily, offering new vistas with every sunrise. Join us and find out what this winter has in store for our 325-acre safari adventure.

Avoid the Crowds

Compared to the busy summer tourist season, winter sees dramatically fewer visitors coming through our piece of Evant paradise. That means you won’t have long waits in admission lines, the fear of not getting one of our RV spots, or vehicles backed up along our trail.

The freedom to take your time sightseeing and observing active winter animals without worrying about holding up a crowd creates a vastly superior experience for your self-guided tour. 

Stay Cool and Adventurous With Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park

From the minute you enter until the last animal sighting on your way out, winter is the best time to fully immerse yourself in the wildlife spectacle of a drive-thru Texas safari adventure. At Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park, we’re ready to welcome our winter visitors to our lot this season.

If you’re ready to experience the majesty of winter in Texas from the comfort of your vehicle or RV, we’re here to offer you a safari experience like no other.

Contact us to reserve your tickets today!

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