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Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park

Located In Evant, Texas

Weather Alert

We will be closed through Thursday, Feb 2, 2023 due to icy conditions. We expect to reopen Friday, Feb 3, 2023

Buena Vista RV Park

Just A Little On The Wild Side...

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Get deep in the heart of Texas and enjoy RV camping the way it was meant to be experienced; In nature! Find out why Buena Vista RV Park & Wildlife Safari is a family & group favorite! Your family and group will love all the available amenities including a drive-thru Wildlife Safari with over 250 animals, fishing pond, large kids game & play areas, dog park and so much more!. At Buena, we also have an Event Center & Pavilion that is available for your use.

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Safari Safety Regs & FAQ's

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and some general requirements inside our Safari. You can always contact us directly with any other questions!

Buena Vista FAQs

Yes, with the exceptions of Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. We are open all other days.

Our animals are allowed to range through our entire  250+ acre Park. In most cases, animals will approach the cars for feed. However, these animals ARE NOT PETS, and their behavior is unpredictable. In other words, they will follow their instincts. We cannot guarantee that all animals will come to the road during all visits. This means that your experience will be different each time you visit Buena Vista.

Yes; as long as it is our feed. 1 container of animal feed is included with each car entering the Safari. Additional feed for the Safari Drive-Thru are available for purchase at the time of admission. For the safety of our animals, no other outside feed or snacks may be given to the animals.

The entrance and exit to the Safari, as well as a couple of places inside the Safari, are no feed zones. You will see clearly marked signs. This helps traffic flow and ensures the animals don’t leave when you do.

Our animals live outside year-round, so they are out during rain events. However, they may seek covered shelter during heavy downpours. 

Pets are welcome in certain marked, designated areas including the RV Campgrounds, one “pet inclusive cabin” & other common areas. No pets are allowed inside the Safari. This is for your pet’s safety and the safety of our animals.

Yes! We have a very nice RV area including wifi and utilities. Also, we have cabins available for rent. 

You can certainly bring your own food and drinks to consume in the parking areas or designated picnic & play areas at the park. Outside food cannot be brought into the Safari or Petting Zoo areas. 

If you have a group of 15 or more, please contact the office for more information.

No, the animal feed that we use does not contain any peanuts. However, it’s possible that the feed may be manufactured in an agricultural facility that may process peanuts or peanut shells.

Unfortunately, no. We need everyone inside the vehicle at all times. And, for that one person out there…No you may not ride on top of your vehicle either. ☺

Most RVs up to 42′ long can easily make it through the safari without any difficulties. RVs are subject to our verification that no pets are inside the vehicle before entering the Safari.

There are walking paths outside of the Safari, but walking is not allowed inside the safari. We have some large, exotic animals and they can all run faster than you! Lets all agree that staying inside your car is the best option for everyone!

All vehicles must have doors and a top to enter the park. While in the drive-thru area, vehicle doors should remain closed at all times. Softshell/fabric Jeep doors are not substantial protection for the drive-thru and will not be permitted into the safari.

Motorcycles are allowed on the property but are not permitted in the Safari. Some guests do arrive to the Park by motorcycle and enjoy the Safari by riding in a friend’s car.

Yes, we have BBQ grills located in the outer areas of the park.

Flying a drone usage is NOT PERMITTED inside the Safari. This is for the safety of our animals.

A Note About Our Animals…
At Buena Vista, we LOVE our animals. Because we feed them a high quality diet and give them plenty of room to roam, they don’t have to beg for food. They choose when and whether they want to be sociable. Your experience at Buena Vista will be like a true Safari, where at times you search for the animals. It you want to see the largest amount of animals we recommend coming in the morning or cooler hours.

Activities at buena vista wildlife safari

There are many other things to do during your visit to Buena Vista. Of course we have the drive through Safari, but take a look at the other family-friendly activities just waiting for you.

Wildlife Safari

You may be deep in the heart of Texas, but you’ll feel like you’re in an exotic location when driving through Buena Vista on your own Wildlife Safari Tour.  Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of exotic free-roaming animals as you drive thru the park at your own pace. Each vehicle will get a free bag of feed (more available for purchase) which will help you get closer than you ever thought possible to zebras, ostriches, bison and so many more inhabitants of our spacious wildlife park.

Granjita Petting Zoo

Granjita means “little farm.” Our Granjita Petting Zoo is a wonderful place to pet and meet different, loving animals up-close. It is always free, and you are able to spend as much time there as you want.

​Please do not feed the animals any food except what we provide you when you purchase your tickets. Also please refrain from bringing your pets to the Granjita Petting Zoo.

Game & Play Areas

Kids of all ages will enjoy all the games & activities that are available throughout the park. Enjoy everything from a simple playground & swing sets to full-on games including: 

Swimmin' Hole

Kids of all ages will love out “splash-size” swimmin’ hole to help stay cool after a long day running & playing. Go ahead & hop in! it’s shallow enough to be perfect for young kids.

Splash pool is open, weather permitting, from Spring through Fall while we enjoy warm Texas weather.

Please make certain that young children are accompanied by an adult to ensure their safety. Please note that NO lifeguard is present.

Fishin' Pond

Tons of fun can be had by all at our “catch & release” fishin’ pond. And, you just might spot some of the animals in the park mosey up to the fishin’ hole to grab a drink of water!

Please make certain that young children are accompanied by an adult to ensure their safety around bodies of water. Swimming here is prohibited and no lifeguard is present.

Petting Zoo Cam

Take a sneak peek at the Petting Zoo webcam and see what the gang is up to today.

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